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Create personalized, professional & academic-grade documents in a few clicks.

Never worry about compliance & legal trouble in your company or your client's company.

Fully A.I.-based creator & transformer, unique, in-house created A.I. technology.

Over 4,000 professional templates have been built for over 2 years to ensure maximum efficiency and results.

Benefits all ranges of businesses, big corporations save tens of thousands yearly while smaller businesses save thousands and tons of confusion about headaches and document automation.

Marketers benefit greatly too, not only do they get all the documents they need to protect themselves from legal trouble, but they can also easily sell these documents for upwards of $700 per document (PROOF below)

Full Multi-lingual & proofreading features developed into the A.I.

Get leads from your digital documents with seamless autoresponder & SMTP integration

Built-in marketplace to buy and sell custom documents from other members, all done using credits for an easy and effortless process.

Smart A.I. suggestions that provide priceless insights on improving current documents

And much much more!

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5x Faster, Easier Lead Generation

I have struggled for over 3 years to start my online business but failed miserably every single time.

After burning 1000s of dollars in buying multiple courses and software, I had almost lost hope before Steve pushed me to try his new software EazyDocsAI.

What happened Next? I made a list of 1500 people in the last 1 month alone.

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Your Name

From the desk of:

Hey there,

My name is ..., and I’m a 7 figure digital marketer and long time techpreneur.

I have created and sold technology that changed the game for many marketers, including but not limited to Ozivi, Megasuite, Mobimatic, Facedrip, Agency iCeleraite, ContentBurger, ADABundle and many more highly successful technological projects.

And over the last few years I have been tirelessly working on solving some of the biggest problems businesses face online.

Especially the “little guy”, meaning someone who’s not a corp, and has protection.

One of the biggest rising trends lately is actually a two fold problem, that affect both your sales and profits, as well as your legal status.

In fact, unfortunately, you are a prime target for lawsuits, it started with ADA, and now it’s moved much much smaller than that, as small as the documents, policies and Terms of Service we use on a daily basis.

Let me try to explain this in the simplest way possible:

The first problem I call the little problem, but make no mistake, it is hugely impactful on your business.

It’s just not a life or death situation for your business, unlike problem #2.

The first problem is..

We Look Like Amateurs, And Nobody Trusts Us With Their Money or Time!

Visitors and especially buyers (the ones you actually want) are very savvy today.

It doesn’t matter the niche, they are used to being scammed, spammed and lied to everyday.

Even if you’re the best of the best, a truly outstanding, honest business person...

You still will be a “suspect” in their minds until “proven” innocent...

So what do savvy, tired & lied-to buyers do? They check you. Upon entering your site...

They will scroll down to see your policies, they will see your terms of service, they will want to see you are professional before conducting business with you.

And it’s no surprise that our results show because of that..

You can take an amazing sales page template from some huge marketer, that is proven to work, and get nothing from it simply because you’re viewed as an amateur.

No one wants to buy from an amateur.

Beyond that, when people are downloading your ebooks & PDF’s....

If your documents are not protected, signed, professionally designed and presented, and legally protected, not only you’ll lose on conversions, but nothing stops them from stealing your content.
And if you think you can sue them... think again, without any legal documents and notes, your files are not protected.

And even if they stole them anyway, you could not sue, not just due to protection, but because let’s be honest, you aren’t going to get a lawyer for someone downloading your PDF and using your content.

That is a privilege you don’t have, it’s expensive, confusing, and very quickly feels like it’s not worth it, so you just give up.

But that’s the least of your concerns... let’s dive into problem #2...

Beyond That... Laws & Regulations Keep Changing, We Need To Keep Up Or We’ll Be Next In Line For A Terrible Lawsuit!

Notice how I switched from you to we?

That’s because the little problem can be resolved quickly on an individual level, like for example, I can sue, I have the resources and I’ve done it before.

However, when it comes to the big problem, neither you or I, or anyone for that matter is safe.

Not even multi billion dollar companies tiktok, google & meta as you’re going to see.

Each and everyone of us is a prime target for a lawsuit on grounds we could never have imagined.

And yes, I agree, it’s not fair.

But fair doesn’t pay the bills, and we need to keep safe from vultures, because only vultures go ahead and persecute small businesses who have done nothing wrong other than not knowing the new regulations that change every other week.

Not Even The Biggest Companies Are Safe Anymore:

TikTok Lost $92,000,000.00 Just Like That...

(Lexology: Source) Last year, social media giant TikTok settled a BIPA case for a whopping $92 million. the penalties are up to $20,000 per violation, and up to $100,000 where violations were deliberate or due to gross negligence.

Even Google Paid Over $170,000,000.00 In Settlements Due To Privacy Violations (They Should’ve Used EazyDocsAI)...

From FTC Site: Google LLC and its subsidiary YouTube, LLC will pay a record $170 million to settle allegations by the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General that the YouTube video sharing service illegally collected personal information from children without their parents’ consent.

The settlement requires Google and YouTube to pay $136 million to the FTC and $34 million to New York for allegedly violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule. The $136 million penalty is by far the largest amount the FTC has ever obtained in a COPPA case since Congress enacted the law in 1998.

Average, Small Businesses Are Being Targeted As Well, Down $50 Million In 2022...

The number of accessibility lawsuits targeting ecommerce websites reached its highest ever level of 4,061 in 2022, per UsableNet.

Plaintiffs are targeting smaller ecommerce retailers more, although the bulk of suits still name companies with more than $50 million in annual revenue.

Even Mistakenly & Naively Using Wrong/Partially Correct Documents & Policies on your website Is Considered Forgery...

It gets worse because even if you make an effort to use the right documents but they’re not properly signed, written or delivered, it’s still considered forgery.

In general, forgery is charged as a third-degree felony. If convicted, a person could be punished by up to 5 years in jail and a fine of up to $25,000.

Most small businesses don’t make that a month in revenue let alone profit, and for the vast majority of marketers this is the worse case scenario they can imagine.

And of course, all this money moving away from you is moving towards someone else.

And that someone else is a lawyer.

Attorneys Are Drawn To These Lawsuits Like Moth To Flame Because They’re Easy...

In New York, an attorney involved in at least 300 ADA lawsuits plead guilty for fraudulent lawsuits that brought in $900,000 in attorney’s fees. States and the federal government should take action to protect small businesses by cracking down on plaintiffs’ firms that use cookie-cutter ADA lawsuits.

The fact is, it is so incredibly easy for them to sue, all they need to find is one or a few vulnurabilies, and they move onto the attack.

It pays their bills, pays for their rolls royces, it’s their job and they simply do not care about you or I or anyone.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying this to bash attorneys or lawyers, the job lawyers are doing is a very important job, but let’s be honest, any lawyer that sues a small struggling business over a document they didn’t know they should have, is not doing anyone a service other than themselves.

The customers won’t check you for legal issues, but they will check if you’re professional and trustworthy.

And some lawyers and countries will pursue you over the slightest mistake.

God forbid you get on their radar with some out of the ordinary success.

Is Your Business Protected, Connected, Streamlined & Professional?

It’s important you understand if this is for you or not, To be honest, most likely you are vulnerable.

However, you might not be! Which is great news.

Please check below to test if you’re vulnerable:

Does your website conduct direct sales over the Internet (versus referring customers to offline distributors, retail stores, or other resellers)?

Does your business and marketing adhere to all the rules and regulations required by your country and/or state and/or the countries and states your customers are making purchases from?

When making transactions, do you collect information about the customers address & location?

Do you sell or promote to residents of your state?

Do you advertise or solicit business in your state?

Do you outsource/hire/use an agency that adheres to all the rules & regulations in their country and your customers state?

If your answers are either YES or I DON’T KNOW, you are extremely vulnerable.

Protect Yourself & Turn It Into A Profitable Opportunity Here

That’s an excellent question, unfortunately the answer isn’t so smart, the truth is, it comes down to two things, one, it’s fairly new. 2020ish and onwards.

Which means it’s in it’s infancy, and if you think the situation is bad now..I predict it will get much worse over the next few years.


Lawsuits Are Quiet Until They Reach The News, If God Forbid You Ever Get Sued, No One Outside Your Close Circle Will Even Know...

And two, because when such cases reach court, they aren’t publicized, not unless you’re someone important.

This was the same with Ada compliance, at first big companies got screwed, and over time, smaller and smaller companies and then freelancers.

And it’s no joke, such compiances are important, the issue is how quickly you can find yourself in trouble without having the chance to fix it.


Did You Hear About ADA Compliance Before You Realized People Were Already Getting Sued For It?

Most likely not, most people didn’t even think they need ada compliance until ada compliance solutions started coming up.

That’s because developers and entrepreneurs like me, we recognize this happening to big companies and see it going lower and lower to the average person.

We’re just at the beginning, and without protection, each year will be worse than before.

After all, my career as a techpreneur isn’t just about making money, it’s also about creating long lasting solutions.

And I’ve been deep into developing this ever since it started 2 years ago, And of course I have competition, plenty of other solutions that can help you with compliance.

These are all great platforms for people who are savvy in this, and know exactly what they need and want.

However, they’re expensive, lack important updates, lack the ability to monetize, generate leads, and more.

This is a much more marketer friendly solution.

Step 1:

Analyze Your Business/Clients Needs

Step 2:

Create Academic Grade, Personalized & Sellable Documents Using Real A.I.

Step 3:

Protect Your Business & Your Clients Businesses From Legal Trouble, Make Their Business More Efficient As Well As Increase Their Sales, Trust, Rankings & More.

This is a serious matter, I think we’ve established that.

And such serious matters have lots of moving parts, especially when legality is involved.

You can’t afford to “mess up” on any of the moving parts here.

Which is why EazyDocsAI is the first and ONLY solution that truly lifts that weight off your shoulders completely, from head to toe.

With EazyDocsAI, you can:

In 1 place EazyDocsAI analyzes your needs, creates a document, a policy and any type of compliance feature like AdA compliance in your chosen industry, all content is E-signable, downloadable, and academic level.

And lastly, you can take that same document or policy, and put it up for sale for as much as $700 and even sometimes more, on marketplaces like fiverr.

It’s never been easier to stay protected while earning.

Now you may be this backed up by any real legal research, or even legal consultants?

The short answer is..YES! Of course. we ‘ve got

The biggest concern corporations had when we presented EazyDocsAI to them is whether or not this is backed up by real legal consultancy or research.

Of course it is, like I’ve said multiple times during this little chat we’re having, you and your clients can’t afford to make a mistake, not even the smallest one.

And because of that, this is backed up by thousands of hours of work put into research, consulting & verification, and all is integrated directly into the A.I, so you need not worry about any new policies or any legal changes, this is a self-updating tech with a team of dozens of developers to update it if anything happens.

Get Started With EazyDocsAI Today & Get A Huge 50%+ Off Discount!

Now that we’ve covered that..and realized this is both an opportunity and a way to protect yourself without breaking the bank

I’ll challenge you, there’s proof below but there’s no need for it, all you have to do is to go to fiverr right now, and search for the keyword “documents”

You’ll find thousands of HIGH priced gigs selling exactly what you can create in seconds.

And you’ll find professionals, lawyers, consultants, who spend years studying..selling what you can do in seconds.

That’s because EazyDocsAI was created WITH the help of such professionals.


Thanks guys for the experience!

I have been using EazyDocsAI for the past 6 months. I must confess, it was easier than I expected. Engagement has been so much better on my videos and websites and the fact that I can directly drive free traffic to my landing pages straight from other people’s viral YouTube videos blows my mind consistently.

Currently with the help of EazyDocsAI, I'm Converting 38% More website visitors into Buyers than ever before.



90% More Opens and Clicks


I am embedding and sending Videos via EazyDocsAI in Bulk Email Marketing and getting 90% More Opens and Clicks than what it was earlier.

Other than protection and the ability to make money, there’s PLENTY of benefits of having this in your arsenal, from increasing sales, trust and virality to increasing your prices. Let’s cover those:

Benefit #1

Increase Your Prices & Earn More With Complete Confidence

One of the quickest and “easiest” ways to make more money is to raise your prices, however, just raising your prices without nothing to show for, is rarely effective.

Have you noticed how the more professional, high tech, and trustworthy a brand is (think amazon, tesla etc, bmw etc) the higher they charge for the SAME base product?

A new BMW X5 has almost the same specs as the new MAZDA CX90, and they both look great! Even the engines compete with similar horsepower.

And yet, one is 2-3X more expensive than the other.

When you appear more professional, when you have an advantage over your competition, when you have your legal ducks in order, you can comfortably and confidently raise your prices on the same products.

And see an instant increase in sales across the board with just 1 simple addition.

Benefit #2

Make More “Front End” Sales And Chase Less With Advertising & Retargeting Because Customers Will Buy More On First Visit

It is no surprise that these days most people that visit your page ignore you on first visit, they’ve seen it all, tried it all, got disappointed by it all.

Retargeting, advertising and other forms of “chasing” campaigns are essentially a must these days to get an ROI.

However, with EazyDocsAI, you will make more on first visit, you’ll instantly look better, you’ll have ADA compliance, your legal ducks in order, everything is e-signable, all your legal documents and links are working and perfect to the T, and all that with just a single click.

Benefit #3

Stay Relevant

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and as time goes by, unless you adapt, you stay behind.

Legality, professionalist, trust & ADA Compliance are so critical today, that if you don’t have them, you get left behind.

With EazyDocsAI you can do it all in 1 click.

Benefit #4

Create personalized, professional & academic grade documents in a few clicks

Whether is for a client or for your own business, it’s quite tricky to create truly professional and personalized documents, especially when it comes to compliance and legality, without going nuts or spending the $700 you could sell for on fiverr to get that done.

With EazyDocsAI, all documents are personalized to your business based on A.I keyword research, and all are academic grade, the highest level of professionalism and legal protection out there.

In just 1 click...

Benefit #5

Never worry about compliance & legal trouble in your company or your clients company.

Even if you believe you’re too small to be noticed or you just don’t believe you can get targeted, you will always have a shadow hovering over you, knowing that one day, you will get screwed.

Beyond that, your clients are scared s**tless of that! They need you. With EazyDocsAI, all this is solved in 1 click for a peace of mind FOREVER.

Benefit #6

Fully A.I based creator & transformer, unique, in house created A.I technology

Not only EazyDocsAI is one of a kind, unique & the best out there. We also didn’t use any third party technology, we rely on no one, everything is made by talented developers in house, in an actual office building with actual working hours and social benefits, this is as solid and as reliable as it can be.

Combine that with truly amazing technology, and you’re up for a smooth experience.

Benefit #7

Benefits all ranges of businesses, big corps save tens of thousands yearly while smaller business save thousands and tons of confusion about headaches and document automation.

It does not matter if you’re a huge company (or your client) and are already spending tens of thousands a year on compliance, or if you are a complete beginner with no interest in compliance in mind, having EazyDocsAI will install ALL these benefits unto your and your clients business in 1 click.

No headaches, no confusion, 100% automation & 100% self regulating & self educating A.I.

Benefit #8

Marketers benefit greatly too, not only they get all the documents they need to protect themselves from legal trouble, they can also easily sell these documents for upwards of $700 per document (PROOF below)

You can see the proof below, but I’d like to touch on this subject, most of your clients and you, need to pay hundreds of dollars per document. You can be a breath of fresh air selling these for whatever price you see fit, lower or higher, or the same.

The market for these is hot, desparate and overpaying, and you can definitely sell for less while creating and optimizing personalized documents and ADA compliant website codes in just 1 click with no upfront investment.

Benefit #9

Full Multi-lingual & proof reading features developed into the A.I

The english speaking market is the main market and we all love this market. However if you operate in a different market or your client, it is important that you’ll have the ability to create documents and optimize them and sell them in other languages.

Plus other countries have DIFFERENT laws & regulations, and EazyDocsAI adapts itself to each language and country we have in store.

In fact, we don’t add new languages until we’ve done the legal research necessary for that country.

So in 1 click, you can translate any document into any of our dozens of languages, and know that it’s also adapted to the local laws & regulations.

Benefit #10

Get leads from your digital documents with seamless autoresponder & SMTP integration

The biggest missed opportunity with our competition is the lack of marketing features.

It’s such a mistake not to collect leads from people who open and read your documents.

Think about it, if they reading and opening your documents, they are dead serious about making business with someone, to collect them as’s 100% pure buyers list without having them to buy anything from you.

Benefit #11

Explode Every Single Aspect Of Your Business Instantly & Permanently

This may be a big promise, but I assure you, It’s 100% correct and backed by stats.

Every single aspect of your business, be it leads, sales, traffic, saving money on advertising, on retargeting, on convincing people, you can have less converting copies, designs, and simply put, invest LESS in the boring parts of your business because this is like a shell that guards you, benefits you, and makes you money.

Literally every single aspect of your business will get a boost, in 1 click and instantly.

Get EazyDocsAI A.I Now Without Waiting:

Get EazyDocsAI A.I Now Without Waiting:

Feature #1

Feature #1

A Complete, Ready To Make Sales & Rank On Search Engines Agency Setup (Website + Services + SEO + Personalization + Automated Payments + Upsells & More)

With EazyDocsAI you get a full blown agency. Yes, you can simply go ahead and sell it on fiverr, and make good money!

But, with EazyDocsAI you get a professional website with full customization, a website builder and editor, as well as all the services you offer already setup.

And, automated paying means, people visit your website, buy a document, you instantly get notified of it in your dashboard, and you jump ahead and create it for them in 1 click.

And, you can continue communicating with them through the members area to make sure they are satisfied.

Each website comes with it’s own SEO optimization setup, so traffic is also taken care of.

Feature #1

Feature #2

Build A List By Collecting Leads Right Inside Of Your Documents

The biggest missed opportunity with our competition is the lack of marketing features.

It’s such a mistake not to collect leads from people who open and read your documents.

Think about it, if they reading and opening your documents, they are dead serious about making business with someone, to collect them as’s 100% pure buyers list without having them to buy anything from you.

Feature #1

Feature #3

Get leads from your digital documents with seamless autoresponder & SMTP integration

Not only you can generate true buyer leads inside the documents, but you can also integrate your own autoresponder or SMTP setup, or use our built in autoresponder!