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New Agency System Uses REAL A.I To Make Sure
You’re Compliant With ALL The Proper Business
Documents And SELLS Them For

Over $700 A Pop As A Service!

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If You Want To See What The Fuss Is All About - Watch The Video Below:

TRIGUARD System Uses REAL A.I To Make Sure You’re Compliant With ALL The Proper Business Documents And SELLS Them For Over $700 A Pop As A Service!


Join Us For The Live Reveal Party On August 5th @ 10 AM ET/NY & Win A FREE Copy

(zero skills/experience required) Name

Webinar Information:

Starting: 10:00 AM EST On Tuesday, August 5th 2024

Expected Running Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

What To Prepare: Prepare a notepad or any type of document you can write notes on, we will be revealing plenty interesting facts you didn’t know about this industry and how it relates to marketers such as you.

The new agency system that’s been KILLING it for us without ANY competition

All while protecting our and our clients businesses from a new kind of lawsuit that’s becoming popular now in our space..

Step by step training explaining the new wave and how we plan to become multi millionaires with this by 2025..

A full demonstration of the technology we’re using to do that, EazyDocsAI.

A special bundle deal at the end of the webinar with many bonuses and discounts and free gifts.

$100 Cash Prize & 5 free COMMERCIAL copies will be given away on the webinar as well!

And much much more...

SO make sure you do NOT miss this webinar

See you inside, Your host, Steve Tari.

P.S - here’s a little sneak peak of what EazyDocsAI is:


Compliance Made Easy

EazyDocsAI Ultra A.I Works

Step 1:

Analyze Your Business/Clients Needs Using Our Intuitive A.I Assistant, EVA.

Step 2:

Initiate The Proper Solution, It Could Be Different Types Of Documents, ADA Compliance Or Anything Else The Software Tells You

Step 3:

Protect Your Business & Your Clients Businesses From Legal Trouble, Make Their Business More Efficient As Well As Increase Their Sales, Trust, Rankings & More.

This is a serious matter, I think we’ve established that.

And such serious matters have lots of moving parts, especially when legality is involved.

You can’t afford to “mess up” on any of the moving parts here.

Which is why EazyDocsAI Ultra is the first and ONLY solution that truly lifts that weight off your shoulders completely, from head to toe.

With EazyDocsAI Ultra, you can:

In 1 place EazyDocsAI Ultra analyzes your needs, creates a document, a policy and any type of compliance feature like AdA compliance in your chosen industry, all content is E-signable, downloadable, and academic level.

And lastly, you can take that same document or policy, and put it up for sale for as much as $700 and even sometimes more, on marketplaces like fiverr.

It’s never been easier to stay protected while earning.

Now you may be this backed up by any real legal research, or even legal consultants?

The short answer is..YES! Of course. we ‘ve got

The biggest concern corporations had when we presented EazyDocsAI Ultra to them is whether or not this is backed up by real legal consultancy or research.

Of course it is, like I’ve said multiple times during this little chat we’re having, you and your clients can’t afford to make a mistake, not even the smallest one.

And because of that, this is backed up by thousands of hours of work put into research, consulting & verification, and all is integrated directly into the A.I, so you need not worry about any new policies or any legal changes, this is a self-updating tech with a team of dozens of developers to update it if anything happens.

Now that we’ve covered that..and realized this is both an opportunity and a way to protect yourself without breaking the bank

Suarez Mendez

EazyDocsAI Is The Future Of Real Estate

If I could describe EazyDocsAI in four words, I'd describe it as the future of real estate.

EazyDocsAI has enabled us to create better real estate custom engagement, better customer interactions, and a higher deal conversion rate than we have experienced before.

We have been able to Grow and automate our real estate business, using EazyDocsAI video funnels to collect and qualify more buyer and seller leads.

We are now also able to offer free home evaluations, schedule calls or in-person meetings, and send home lists based on their criteria. EazyDocsAI also gave us multi-step videos that allowed our buyers to explore our real estate properties, room by room just like a real virtual Tour.

Our buyers are now able to schedule a meeting if they’re interested in our calendar app integration and also make purchases as well. Steve, your EazyDocsAI is truly the future of Real Estate.

Hanna Troost

EazyDocsAI Took My Conversions From Under 40% To 86%

EazyDocsAI massively decreased the number of Leads that were dropping off my Funnel because we used the EazyDocsAI video loops to hook our viewers and guide them until they made a buying decision. Before EazyDocsAI, we never thought this was ever possible.


EazyDocsAI Gave My Customers A Face and Voice

Getting our customers to share their experiences with us via video has always been a tall order because 90% of them were ‘’Mums n pops’’ shop owners, and they lacked the equipment nor tech know-how to create videos.

But with EazyDocsAI videos now present on my Landing page, my customers are now able to record and send their Video feedback in just two clicks. My business has experienced steady growth since we implemented EazyDocsAI in the last quarter of 2022.

Now, our projections for the next quarter are looking very exciting. I’m utterly grateful for the tool.

I’ll challenge you, there’s proof below but there’s no need for it, all you have to do is to go to fiverr right now, and search for the keyword “documents”

You’ll find thousands of HIGH priced gigs selling exactly what you can create in seconds.

And you’ll find professionals, lawyers, consultants, who spend years studying..selling what you can do in seconds.

That’s because EazyDocsAI Ultra was created WITH the help of such professionals.

Jason Kincaid

Nov 22

DRASTICALLY Increase my Business Revenue Improve MY existing funnel FAST

I made a funnel of Videos via EazyDocsAI 2.0 and used a traditional website funnel for the comparison.

The difference was huge. EazyDocsAI Ultra DRASTICALLY increased my business revenue by 2X as compared to a normal funnel.

Matt Navarra

Amazing Support

Amazing support. Hooked me right up. Thanks so much for this! Great Offer!


Thanks guys for the experience!

I have been using EazyDocsAI Ultra for the past 6 months. I must confess, it was easier than I expected. Engagement has been so much better on my videos and websites and the fact that I can directly drive free traffic to my landing pages straight from other people’s viral YouTube videos blows my mind consistently.

Currently with the help of EazyDocsAI Ultra, I'm Converting 38% More website visitors into Buyers than ever before.


Steve Nelson

90% More Opens and Clicks


I am embedding and sending Videos via EazyDocsAI in Bulk Email Marketing and getting 90% More Opens and Clicks than what it was earlier.

Other than protection and the ability to make money, there’s PLENTY of benefits of having this in your arsenal, from increasing sales, trust and virality to increasing your prices. Let’s cover those:

Benefit #1

Increase Your Prices & Earn More With Complete Confidence

One of the quickest and “easiest” ways to make more money is to raise your prices, however, just raising your prices without nothing to show for, is rarely effective.

Have you noticed how the more professional, high tech, and trustworthy a brand is (think amazon, tesla etc, bmw etc) the higher they charge for the SAME base product?

A new BMW X5 has almost the same specs as the new MAZDA CX90, and they both look great! Even the engines compete with similar horsepower.

And yet, one is 2-3X more expensive than the other.

When you appear more professional, when you have an advantage over your competition, when you have your legal ducks in order, you can comfortably and confidently raise your prices on the same products.

And see an instant increase in sales across the board with just 1 simple addition.

Benefit #2

Make More “Front End” Sales And Chase Less With Advertising & Retargeting Because Customers Will Buy More On First Visit

It is no surprise that these days most people that visit your page ignore you on first visit, they’ve seen it all, tried it all, got disappointed by it all.

Retargeting, advertising and other forms of “chasing” campaigns are essentially a must these days to get an ROI.

However, with EazyDocsAI Ultra, you will make more on first visit, you’ll instantly look better, you’ll have ADA compliance, your legal ducks in order, everything is e-signable, all your legal documents and links are working and perfect to the T, and all that with just a single click.

Benefit #3

Stay Relevant

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and as time goes by, unless you adapt, you stay behind.

Legality, professionalist, trust & ADA Compliance are so critical today, that if you don’t have them, you get left behind.

With EazyDocsAI Ultra you can do it all in 1 click.

Benefit #4

Create personalized, professional & academic grade documents in a few clicks

Whether is for a client or for your own business, it’s quite tricky to create truly professional and personalized documents, especially when it comes to compliance and legality, without going nuts or spending the $700 you could sell for on fiverr to get that done.

With EazyDocsAI Ultra, all documents are personalized to your business based on A.I keyword research, and all are academic grade, the highest level of professionalism and legal protection out there.

In just 1 click...

Benefit #5

Never worry about compliance & legal trouble in your company or your clients company.

Even if you believe you’re too small to be noticed or you just don’t believe you can get targeted, you will always have a shadow hovering over you, knowing that one day, you will get screwed.

Beyond that, your clients are scared s**tless of that! They need you. With EazyDocsAI Ultra, all this is solved in 1 click for a peace of mind FOREVER.

Benefit #6

Fully A.I based creator & transformer, unique, in house created A.I technology

Not only EazyDocsAI Ultra is one of a kind, unique & the best out there. We also didn’t use any third party technology, we rely on no one, everything is made by talented developers in house, in an actual office building with actual working hours and social benefits, this is as solid and as reliable as it can be.

Combine that with truly amazing technology, and you’re up for a smooth experience.

Benefit #7

Benefits all ranges of businesses, big corps save tens of thousands yearly while smaller business save thousands and tons of confusion about headaches and document automation.

It does not matter if you’re a huge company (or your client) and are already spending tens of thousands a year on compliance, or if you are a complete beginner with no interest in compliance in mind, having EazyDocsAI Ultra will install ALL these benefits unto your and your clients business in 1 click.

No headaches, no confusion, 100% automation & 100% self regulating & self educating A.I.

Benefit #8

Marketers benefit greatly too, not only they get all the documents they need to protect themselves from legal trouble, they can also easily sell these documents for upwards of $700 per document (PROOF below)

You can see the proof below, but I’d like to touch on this subject, most of your clients and you, need to pay hundreds of dollars per document. You can be a breath of fresh air selling these for whatever price you see fit, lower or higher, or the same.

The market for these is hot, desparate and overpaying, and you can definitely sell for less while creating and optimizing personalized documents and ADA compliant website codes in just 1 click with no upfront investment.

Benefit #9

Full Multi-lingual & proof reading features developed into the A.I

The english speaking market is the main market and we all love this market. However if you operate in a different market or your client, it is important that you’ll have the ability to create documents and optimize them and sell them in other languages.

Plus other countries have DIFFERENT laws & regulations, and EazyDocsAI Ultra adapts itself to each language and country we have in store.

In fact, we don’t add new languages until we’ve done the legal research necessary for that country.

So in 1 click, you can translate any document into any of our dozens of languages, and know that it’s also adapted to the local laws & regulations.

Benefit #10

Get leads from your digital documents with seamless autoresponder & SMTP integration

The biggest missed opportunity with our competition is the lack of marketing features.

It’s such a mistake not to collect leads from people who open and read your documents.

Think about it, if they reading and opening your documents, they are dead serious about making business with someone, to collect them as’s 100% pure buyers list without having them to buy anything from you.

Benefit #11

Explode Every Single Aspect Of Your Business Instantly & Permanently

This may be a big promise, but I assure you, It’s 100% correct and backed by stats.

Every single aspect of your business, be it leads, sales, traffic, saving money on advertising, on retargeting, on convincing people, you can have less converting copies, designs, and simply put, invest LESS in the boring parts of your business because this is like a shell that guards you, benefits you, and makes you money.

Literally every single aspect of your business will get a boost, in 1 click and instantly.

Had Enough?! See You On The Webinar 🙂 It’s Going To Be HUGE.


TRIGUARD System Uses REAL A.I To Make Sure You’re Compliant With ALL The Proper Business Documents And SELLS Them For Over $700 A Pop As A Service!


Join Us For The Live Reveal Party On August 5th @ 10 AM ET/NY & Win A FREE Copy

(zero skills/experience required) Name

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